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Overweight and Eating Disordered 2.0
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A community where overweight people with pre-existing eating disorders can find support.
What are we about?

This is a community for those with PRE-EXISTING eating disorders who are overweight and are looking for somewhere they can feel accepted and open. It doesn't matter if you restrict, purge, fast,count calories, etc. you're all welcome. Please thoroughly read the rules before joining.


1. You must be at least 18 to be a member.
Your birthday (YEAR) MUST be in your profile or you will automatically be denied. Please make sure this is done before you apply to make it easier on everyone. This is due to content in the community.

2. Your journal must be at least a month old.
If you've created a private journal for the use of the community only please contact Lyla tilmorninlight by sending a private message. Please DO NOT post in my personal journal. This is to help control trolls.

3.You must CURRENTLY be overweight AND have an eating disorder.
If you're looking for tips to lose weight, you'll be banned. An eating disorder is not something to take lightly; it's not a fad, a quick fix, or a diet. Your BMI must be over 26 to gain access as well. You may think you're fat, but if you're not overweight by medical terms, then this is not the community for you.
There are many communities for that and not so many for this.

4. Do not use terms like "ana" or "mia". Spell it out.
This is because we're not a pro-eating disorder community and do not want to glorify/romanticize eating disorders. The goal of the community is NOT to make people sicker.

5. Don't spam the community with cross postings, quizzes, or anything off topic.

6. Place all images (such as personal photos, counters, scales, inspiration, etc.) and long posts behind a cut. If you think the post may be triggering to other members please say so in the title.

7. Do NOT promote other communities. There are promotion communities for that.

8. If you have any issues with other members or with the community or want to make suggestions send a personal message to Lyla tilmorninlight. Don't freak out if you don't get a response right away as it may take a day or two.

9. Use your better judgment when making posts. Posts that talk about harming yourself or others or "pro-ed" needs to stay within your personal journals. Be honest, open, and smart when posting and everything will be fine.

10. Failure to abide by said rules will lead to you being banned from the community. These types of rules are needed because of the subject matter.

ONCE YOU ARE ACCEPTED: You have 24 hours to fill out the survey. Failure to do so will result in an automatic ban. This lets me know that you're human and to ensure this is the right community for you as well as help you meet other members.


Highest Weight:
Lowest Weight:
Diagnosis and is it self or professional:
Photo or link to photo (optional):
Interests (optional):
story (optional):
what you want out of the community and what you want to offer (optional): (Example: "I'm here for support from others who know what I'm going through" that sort of stuff)

Mods: The owner of this community is Lyla- tilmorninlight .
The comod is Jac- pickleadventure .
Please contact Lyla for concerns or issues you may have. Her AIM is chalamti or you can send a personal message.
DO NOT LEAVE COMMENTS IN OUR PERSONAL JOURNALS. If you do it will result in an automatic ban.

This community is a branch of the original community owed which is currently down and closed. This community was created with permission from the original owner/mod of owed.

An eating disorder isn't something to take lightly.
Please visit the NATIONAL EATING DISORDERS ASSOCIATION for information and resources. www.nationaleatingdisorders.org

Thank you for reading this. We hope this community benefits and supports you. <3